Free Granny Dating Australia

There are certain things that every young Aussie guy needs to need experience at least once in his life. Chief among these experiences is dating an older woman. Remember you are only going to be young once, and sooner than you think it will be you angling for women younger rather than the other way around. So take advantage why you can and enjoy one of the greatest pleasures in life ñ dating a granny.

Here are the five biggest reasons why choosing to date a granny can be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Reason #1: She Wants To Have Fun

An older women typically dates a younger man for two reasons. Firstly she wants to feel attractive and desired. Secondly she wants to have fun. She is tired of guys her own age whose idea of a fun Saturday night is beer and footie on the couch, and early to bed. This fun loving aspect to a granny means that being around them can actually be a lot more exciting than dating someone your own age. Whether it is a quick hookup in the alley behind a bar or playing out your favorite fantasy a granny is likely to be up for it.

Reason #2: They Are Often In Better Shape

The older women knows she has to work for what she has got. She is fighting a battle against time and gravity and a lot of them are pretty much coming close to winning. Younger women on the other hand can tend to take their youthful bodies for granted, which sometimes means letting themselves go. A granny on the other hand will spend hours in the gym to keep in shape. You would be surprised how much fun and athletic a granny can be.

Reason #3: They Are Good Company

Australian grannies tend to be a little more interesting in the conversation department than a lot of younger women. The fact that they have a bit of life experience means that they usually have something interesting to say. This can make a nice departure from the meaningless talk that some younger women subject their men to.

Reason #4: She Will Take Care Of You

Being the younger man requires a shift in perspective. Instead of you constantly seeking to impress your date, now you are the desirable one. To a successful, career minded granny you may be something of a trophy. So take advantage! If she wants to take you out to an expensive restaurant or buy you clothes, let her. Its all part of the pleasure of dating a granny.

Reason #5: Sexually Experienced

A granny has been there and done that. She knows things. Chances are if she has been a lengthy relationship then at some point she had to learn how to spice things up. Remember when you date a granny you are the student and she is the teacher. So allow her to show you what younger women donít yet know.

Choosing to date a hot granny can really alter your perspective on dating. Being chased rather than the chaser can give you a deeper understanding of womenís desires and improve your dating life overall. So take a chance, date a granny, its a choice you wonít regret.