Hot GILFS Australia
Hot GILFS Australia

Most modern, mature, beautiful women are independent, confident and know what they want. When dating a hot granny it is important to be confident, mature and not be intimidated by your age difference.

Five tips for a successful date:

Dress to impress: Dressing to make sure that you impress an older woman does not mean that you have to wear the most expensive clothes or dress to fit her age, but it is important to remember that you are dating a woman older than you, not a teenager, so dress smart. Do not think that you have to portray an elderly gentleman; this will show that you are trying too hard to impress her and might insult her about her age. Pay attention to where you are having your date and make sure to dress appropriately.

Self-confidence: Being confined in who you are is the most important part of attracting a beautiful, mature woman. Being too self-conscious might give her the wrong impression about dating a younger man. Even if you feel intimidated by your age difference, or nervous when approaching her, it is important not to show it. If you are anxious, rehearse what you want to say to her, or wait till she is surrounded by less people before approaching her.

Avoid pick-up lines: An attractive, mature woman has probably heard them all before. Pick-up lines can be very cheesy and also show that you are immature, or inexperienced with dating. Make sure to avoid them and rather take the time to notice what the she is wearing or if you are in a bar, what she is drinking. Introduce yourself, and telling her that you could not help but notice how beautiful she looked in that dress works much better than asking if it hurt when she fell from heaven.

Humour: It has been proven that most women like a man that has a sense of humour. Saying something funny often helps to break the ice and makes her lower her defences. You do not need to be a regular comedian, but by keeping an open, positive attitude will help you to be wittier, just do not overdo it. Avoid being mean, jokes about age, and do not think that just because you made her laugh once, that you have to keep doing it as this might make you seem immature.

Be mature: In order to attract someone that is more mature than you, you have to feel attractive, and mature yourself. Creating a good mental and physical image of who you are is important to make her interested in you. Show that you are independent and confident in your maturity. This will make her feel more confident in dating a younger man.