Sexy Granny Slappers

Among the many great things that the Internet has given us, one thing stands out above all others, and that is easy access to older women. If you want to bag yourself a granny then there is no need to waste your time trawling grocery stores or hanging out in cafes. Take the easy route and sign up for one of the many sites popular with grannies.

When using online dating sites to meet Australian GILFS there are two main approaches you can take. Firstly you can use one of the more popular generic dating sites such as, eharmony or plenty of fish. Alternatively you can register with one of the granny dating websites which are specifically for older women to find younger lovers in Australia.

Whichever option you decide on if you follow this advice, you too can dominate Australian granny dating websites.

Your Photo

Just because you are young and male doesnít mean that you donít have to put any work in to grab a good granny. One of the biggest mistakes that men make on online dating sites is not spending enough time on their photos. One tip is to take four to five photos and then upload them to the site HotorNot. The photo that gets the highest rating is the one you should use for your main profile photo. Also your photos are an opportunity for you to show off your personality and hobbies. Photos of you surfing, cycling or rock climbing all work well. And finally when chasing grannys you donít need to be too coy. If you have a six pack donít forget to include the obligatory shirtless photo.

Your Profile

If you are on a generic dating site you definitely want to put near the start of the your description that you are interested in older women. You want to make it clear to mature women on the prowl that you welcome their attention. For the rest of your profile spend a little time on it. On sites such as Plenty of Fish you can see which users are the most popular. Take a look at other males in your age group that get a lot of views and see what they have written and then use something similar on your own profile.


When messaging grannies you want to make sure that you get their attention with the subject line. A generic subject line such as ìhiî or ìhey thereî will rarely get opened. For example you might want to use as your subject ìDO NOT OPENî and then in the main body start with ìI see that you have problems following the rulesÖî When messaging grannies donít forget to flatter them. Where as a younger women might get tired of guys online constantly telling her she looks hot, with a granny she will welcome the compliment from a younger man.

And finally be persistent. Some sites work better for attracting grannies than others. You need to experiment with different sites to see where you get the best results. Once you have found where the grannies congregate however, its game on!