Sexy GILFS Australia

If you are looking for effective tips on how to date a hot granny, then you are not alone, everyone else is doing it. This could be because dating an older woman seems to be all the rage in Hollywood or simply because women seem to be getting hotter as they age lately. Going back to Hollywood, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore and a few others are perfect examples of just how hot an older woman can get. There are a number of reasons as to why men are going for older women other than their attractiveness of course.

One of these reasons is that men are simply tired of the immaturity and drama that comes with a younger woman. Mature women are not only mature but independent as well which means that they donít have any reason to pressure a man into providing for them which can be very stressing in these hard economic days. An older woman is also more experienced in bed and more willing to get intimate unlike younger women who are rarely interested in sex.

One of the most effective tips on how to date an Australian granny is to always make her feel young, never ever under any circumstances call her granny or say something that reminds her of her real age.

Always compliment her body but be mature and realistic about your compliments, for example, pick out her best feature or features and concentrate on them, if she has nice legs, tell her so but if she has wrinkly eyes, steer away from any topic that might involve them or any other feature of hers that is not appealing.

Another tip on how to date a sexy granny is to always make her feel special, treat her like a queen and she will treat you like a king. You can achieve this by buying her little gifts and flowers that need not be expensive, if money is an issue, there are many other ways to show her how special she is like sending her sweet text messages, opening doors for her, kissing her eyes, forehead and so on. Under no circumstances should you ever act immaturely around her, this means that should you ever have the urge to overindulge in alcohol or go wild dancing, do it as far away from her as you can get.

Find out her hobbies and anything else she might enjoy doing and concentrate on them. If you are the clingy type, then its time to change because older women value their freedom and would therefore not appreciate anyone who tries to control them in any way. You might be wondering on how to meet these extraordinary women but worry no more, there are many granny dating sites all over the internet where you can meet these ladies and some of these sites offer free registration. These are just a few tips on how to date an Australian granny.

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