Hot Granny Dating
Hot Granny Dating

So you have been fantasizing a lot of late about meeting an older woman. There is something irresistible about their sophistication, and blatant sexuality. But before you can start granny dating in Australia you need to find where they are. To make things easier we have put together this guide to finding grannies’ favourite watering holes. Let the hunt begin!

Cocktail Lounges / Wine Bars / Hotels

Your average granny or GILF is far passed enjoying loud rock clubs and dancing to electronic music but when Friday and Saturday night rolls around they still like to hit the town. To find your local GILFS favorite drinking establishment you need to think a little more upmarket. Wine bars and cocktail lounges are often firm favorites with mature ladies. Upmarket hotel bars are also another popular choice, and can make quick hook ups even easier. One of the great things about finding such a granny inhabited establishment is that the competition from other men is usually fairly minimal. Here is one quick tip ñ offer to buy her a drink to break the ice. At some of these establishments it can be a little pricey but its worth the investment. And she can always get the next round.

Yoga / Fitness Classes

Grannies donít get those hot bodies by accident. They need to work at it. That is why yoga and fitness classes tend to be so inundated with toned grannies. Come for the eye candy but stay for the opportunity to meet as many grannies as possible. Another advantage to these classes is that you can have a good idea of what your granny’s body really looks like before making your approach. Something which can be a little harder to determine at a club or bar. Also its an opportunity for you to get in shape and show off your guns which will make you even more attractive granny bait.

Online Dating

This is hands down one of the easiest ways to meet a granny. Even if you are using the other approaches mentioned above it is still recommended that you add online dating to the mix. One of the great things about online dating is that you can mention in your profile that you prefer to date women older than yourself. By making your intentions clear you will become a magnet to GILFS looking for a younger man online.

Night Classes and Hobby Groups

Another good place to find hot grannies are night classes and hobby groups. Mature single women will often be looking for something interesting to do during the week and so are common participants in these classes. Classes on topics such as drawing, painting, dance and cooking are particularly popular with mature women. Whatís more you will learn a new skill while practicing your other favorite hobby: granny dating in Australia.

While this list only scratches the surface of the places you can meet hot GILFS it will hopefully open your eyes to the opportunities available. There are plenty of matures out there for the young man who known where to look.