The Idiot Proof Guide To Cougar Seduction

Even if you are dunce when it comes to dating the ladies, you can still be stud in the world of cougar seduction. When it comes to cougar dating many of your weaknesses become strengths. In this idiot proof guide to cougar dating you will learn how to seduce cougars, so that you never have to go home alone again.

Understand You Are The Prey

This can take a little bit of getting used to. Most young men are used to pursuing girls rather than being pursued. This is why most attractive young women don’t have to put a lot of effort into dating and talking to guys. They know that they are desirable and that sooner or later some guy will hit on them. With an older women the situation is reversed. Now you are the trophy and they are the pursuer. A real cougar will enjoy the chase and so don’t deny them this pleasure. This is great if you are a little bit shy around women, because while your lack of confidence might hold you back with younger women, to a cougar it is very cute. She will enjoy trying to win you over and seduce you. Remember though don’t act too coy, you want her to know that you are interested.

Offer To Buy Her A Drink

This might seem a little contrary to the idea of you being the trophy, but bear with me. A cougar dates a younger man because she wants to feel desirable, not like she is being used. Therefore when you first approach a cougar offer to buy her a drink. She will not be able to help feeling flattered that a young man is so interested in her. Of course later on when you are actually dating, you might want to let her take care of you. After all that is one of the privileges of cougar dating.

Act A Little More Sophisticated

She may like the idea of dating a younger man, but she doesn’t want to date a little boy. This means that you may need to act a little more sophisticated than your age. If you are taking her out for a movie, think French foreign film, not the latest Jason Stratham movie. Also act like a gentleman, pull her chair out for her and open the door. If you treat her right, then she will do the same for you.

Play Your Part

Remember that when you are dating a cougar it is important to play your role as eye candy. If you want to be successful at cougar seduction then you need to work at it a little. That means watching your diet, spending time in the gym, dressing nicely and being well groomed. You don’t have to look like Zac Efron’s twin brother, but you do have to look like the best possible version of yourself. Taking care of yourself in this way will improve all areas of your life, not just your cougar dating, and so it is well worth the effort.

There are plenty of hot, successful cougar women just looking for a cub to take home. With so much opportunity you really would have to be a complete idiot to not take advantage.