The Dirty Little Secrets To Seducing Cougar Women

Cougar women are a different type of species to younger ladies and should be approached as such. What might work when you are trying to pull girls from the local uni is not going to be as effective with a woman 10 – 20 years older than you. That said, between the two groups cougar women are much easier to seduce than your average 20 something girl. A cougar on the prowl wants to meet a young guy like you and so you just need to present them with the opportunity.

Be Confident

Cougars are attracted to confident guys. While you shouldn’t be crude don’t be afraid to be a little more forward than you would with a 20 something. One of the great things about dating cougar women is that they know what they want and they are ready to take it when it is presented to them. This means not having to waste hours of conversation trying to “warm them up” like you might have to do with a younger woman. Being confident also means making the first move. When you spot a cougar at a bar, give her a smile, if she responds with a smile of her own, walk over to her and compliment her on something about her appearance. With a younger woman such an approach might seem awkward, but a mature woman will love a compliment coming from a younger man.

Don’t Brag

Bragging isn’t a great technique with any woman but it is particularly useless with cougars. An older woman isn’t going to date you because you just got a new promotion or you are thinking about buying a hot new car. Chances are she has her own money and career. If you start trying to talk yourself up, she will see right through it. Instead demonstrate that you are mature beyond your years by engaging her in intelligent conversation.

Get A Little Physical

When you are talking with her you want to signal that things aren’t going to be strictly platonic. You can do this by adding a little touching into your interaction. Start with a little subtle touching such as “accidentally” brushing your hand against hers when you reach for your drink. Then move to placing your hand on her arm when you want to emphasize a point. If you are moving to another table place you hand on the small of her back to guide her. Don’t allow your hand to linger long enough that it is uncomfortable but add some touching to create a little sexual frisson.

Be Open

If you are just looking to hook up and not a relationship you don’t need to lie about it with your cougar. A lot of cougars are too busy with their careers to consider a full time relationship with a younger man anyway. One of the great things about sleeping with a cougar is that you can have a one night stand and typically she will have no problem with it.

Remember cougars want to hook up, you just need to do enough to show them that you are available and interesting enough to take home. If she wants to take control of the interaction and seduce you, then let her, its all part of the pleasure of dating a cougar.