How To Date A Granny – Discover Why So Many Guys In Hollywood Are Doing It!

If you are looking for effective tips on how to date a granny, then you are not alone, everyone else is doing it. This could be because dating an older woman seems to be all the rage in Hollywood or simply because women seem to be getting hotter as they age lately. Going back to Hollywood, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore and a few others are perfect examples of just how hot an older woman can get. There are a number of reasons as to why men are going for older women other than their attractiveness of course. Continue reading

Why Every Young Guy Should Date A Cougar (At Least Once In His Life)

There are certain things that every young guy needs to need experience at least once in his life. Chief among these experiences is dating an older woman. Remember you are only going to be young once, and sooner than you think it will be you angling for women younger rather than the other way around. So take advantage why you can and enjoy one of the greatest pleasures in life – dating a cougar. Continue reading