Everything You Wanted To Know About Dating A Mature Woman (And More)

When it comes to dating a mature woman there are certain questions that consistently come up. To clear up these questions once and for all, we have compiled this helpful guide to everything you need to know before you date a mature woman.

Won’t she be uncomfortable dating someone young enough to be her son?

No. Mature women are nothing if not confident. While she might not introduce you to her parents anytime soon, it doesn’t mean she isn’t going to be proud of bagging herself a young buck. If you don’t believe it, listen in on the way that older women talk when they are in a group. If one of them spots a cute young bartender or waiter you can be sure that they won’t be shy about pointing him out to their friends.

Is it harder to pick up a cougar than a girl in her twenties?

Actually it is typically much easier to take a cougar home than a girl in her twenties. An attractive younger girl knows that she is a prize and can afford to be choosy. If she doesn’t go home with you, shortly there after some other guy will try and make a move. A cougar on the other hand is less frequently hit on and so will be happy for the attention. Also these days many mature women are actively hunting out younger men to take home. With a cougar on the prowl there is very little work involved.

Should I lie about my age?

No, be honest about your age if she asks. It may not come up however as she is more likely to be self conscious about her own age. If she does ask you however you can use the response “old enough” with a sly grin. That usually helps to set the right mood.

What should I talk about?

When you first meet her try for intelligent but flirtatious conversation. Stay away from topics such as what video games you like, how your footie team is having a great season, or why Jackass is actually a really great show. Instead think books, foreign films, your thoughts on the environment, that sort of thing.

Will she buy me things?

Maybe. The sugar mommy is a particular type of cougar and so you shouldn’t assume that just because she is older than you she will pick up your bills and buy you clothes. Generally it is best to start things off by you buying her a drink than the other way around. It will show that you are genuine (even if you are not) and so she won’t feel she is being taken advantage of. That said if later on in your relationship she wants to take you out for expensive dinners you may as well let her.

Is a one night stand a possibility?

Yes, if you play your cards right then a one night stand is a very real possibility. Older women tend to be more open minded and appreciative of sex. One of the thing great things about taking home a cougar, is that if you don’t call her again, you don’t have to worry that you have broken some poor young girls heart. She has used you as much as the other way around, so enjoy it!

The choice to date a mature woman can be one of the smartest decisions a young man can make. Mature women tend to be more sexually available and experienced without the hassles that can come with dating a younger women.