5 Easy Steps to Dating a Cougar

Its the fantasy of many a young Aussie bloke – seducing a sexy, older woman. While in the past fantasizing might have been all that a young guy could do, these days dating a cougar is a much more obtainable goal. Thanks to popular televisions shows such as Cougar Town and celebrities such as Demi Moore, an increasing number of older women are starting to wonder what it would be like to have a younger lover. In order to help you capture your own cougar we have compiled this easy to follow guide.

Step One: Going Online

One of the easiest ways is to find a cougar is online dating. Simply the fact that your profile says that you are young should be enough to excite the interest of any cougar. If you have the body to carry it off try a few topless profile pictures to fire her imagination. One of the reasons cougars are attracted to younger men is the appeal of firmer body unlike the older guys she is used to. Next try this no fail cougar email. For the message line use “Problem With Your Profile”. This is certain to get her opening the message. Then follow up with “There seems to be a problem with your profile, you have your age listed down as 42 but from your profile photo it is obvious you can’t be any older than 26. Just get it fixed, ok :-)” Flattery as the man says, will get you everywhere.

Step Two: Visit Her Lair

The next step in your cougar hunt should be to visit her lair. What this means is the kinds of places a cougar likes to spend her time. There are bars that are particularly attractive to the cougar. You may not be aware of them because these generally aren’t the kinds of places a guy goes to have a few beers with his mates. Generally these establishments are referred to as wine bars, and when you find the right one, it is a target rich environment. These are classy places and so you need to act the same. That means dressing sharp and looking well groomed. Or if you have the body to pull it off, a tight t-shirt, to show your cougar what you have to offer. Try approaching a group of women, they will be happy for the entertainment.

Step Three: Flirt, flirt, flirt

When it comes to approaching a younger women subtlety is sometimes a good thing. But with a cougar or a party of cougars you can turn it up a notch. When a young man is talking to an older women everyone knows what is going on. So have some fun with it, playful sexual banter is what she is looking for. Remember though there is a fun line between flirting and being crude.

Step Four: Compliment Her

A cougar will often go with a younger man because she wants to feel attractive. If you can make her feel desired then it won’t be hard to make your way into her bed. This differs from approaching a younger women who knows she is hot and so reinforcing it won’t always help you. With an older women you want to stroke her ego. So tell her how beautiful is and how hot that skirt makes her look.

Step Five: Get Physical

Complimenting and flirting will only get you so far. You need to use what is known as “kino” to escalate things if you want to bag your cougar. Simply put kino means touching and it is an important part of moving your interaction to its desired end. Start with a little, friendly touching such as briefly placing your hand on her upper arm. Slowly escalate things so that you are placing your hand over hers or stroking hair from her face. Remember its points off if she removes your hand, so be the first one to pull back and don’t hold it in place too long. Also keep in mind she might be a little shy at appearing too physical with a younger guy in public so keep the physical touching brief.

If you follow these five steps you can soon find yourself dating a cougar every weekend. There are plenty of them out there and they are just looking to take home some young prey.